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I got a small wad of toilet paper lodged inside

Patient: I got a small wad of toilet paper lodged inside my anus. I have tried to extract it but have not been able. Will it pass at my next bowel movement? Should I be concerned?



Doctor: Thank you for writing to us.Did the tissue paper get stuck there while wiping? What is the size of the tissue?If the size is sufficiently small, you can do an enema to help you to cleanse the bowel. This should help you to remove the tissue. If the enema does not help you, you can wait for a day or 2 for the tissue paper to come out. If this does not happen or you start to get bleeding from the anus, please see a Doctor.He will attempt to remove the tissue by doing rectoscopy through the anus. In some rare cases, you may have some disorder which is causing the tissue paper to get stuck. This can also be evaluated by the Doctor.Please see a Doctor if you have fever, pain or bleeding at the present moment. This indicates something more serious. Hope this helps you.All the best.



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Patient: It was fairly small-I have recently been infected with pinworms. While I’ve taken albenza, I had read that inserting a small wad of toilet paper in the anus would help prevent the worms from laying eggs at night. My thinking was that I could prevent reinfection via the eggs spreading, so I inserted a couple of small balls of toilet paper. According to what I had read, the paper would pass safely. I wanted to try to extract the paper the next morning but was unable to do so. How will I know if it passes? Thanks.

Doctor: Thank you for the follow up.
The tissue may be visible when it passes through the stool. Also, I do not believe that you are in any danger if there is no pain or bleeding. Give the was of tissue up to a week to pass. If this does not happen, then you can see a Doctor to check that the tissue passed.
Hope this helps.


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