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I got a test ige immunoglobulin serum test

Patient: I got a test ige immunoglobulin serum test . The value cams 520 ? What does this mean . I am a 30 years old mum .



Doctor: Hi.Noted your short history of IgE value of 520 in a 30 year old Mum.Please give additional details:What is the re ason IgE was asked for?What the normal range the report of that particular lab shows?What are your complaints/symptoms?Any other information that you would like to share.



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Patient: Hi , I have been productive coughing on and off for 3-4 months . I was advised this test for allergies . The reference value says less than 64.

Doctor: Thanks for your feedback.
This definitely indicates allergy as one of the most important causes of your problems., as the reference says less than 64 as normal and your values say 520.
You need a proper anti-allergic management under the care of your Doctor/s as most are the prescription medicines.
In addition I would advise you the following:
Identify all the factors that cause allergy in you; keen observation by you and the family and friends helps the most.
Prevention is better than cure is a very old adage in medical science. Hence stopping, avoiding all the factors is the best way; the remaining part to be controlled by proper time to time medications on as -required basis.


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