I got blood in my seamen and now the bottom

Patient: I got blood in my seamen and now the bottom of my penis shaft hurts/itches is it something to be worried about the blood in the seamen was only once hasn’t happen again

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.Having a blood stained semen is not an uncommon problem. Many of the sexually active men experience it.There are many causes for this. They are considered not very significant in men below 40 years and generally disappears without treatment. In men more than 40 years it needs serious evaluation.The common causes could be any infection or inflammation of the semen producing genital tract and its passage. This includes the epididymis, tubes and urethra. An acute urinary tract infection, stones in the urinary tract, urethritis, even STDs like gonorrhea can be a cause.Increased blood pressure, rupture of small blood vessels due to excessive rigorous masturbation or intercourse is a common cause. Trauma, side effects of drugs like aspirin, any medical procedures over the genital area can be a cause. In elderly if repeated episodes of bloody semen occurs, cancer of bladder or prostate and urinary tract has to be ruled out.You need not get anxious.Kindly consult a doctor for an examination and investigations like blood and urine test. You will also need to undergo a semen analysis and detection of RBC cells as well as PSA test.The doctor will treat you accordingly depending on the condition.Antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medications are generally enough.15 percent have no cause detected and can be treated symptomatically.Do not worry and be calm. In case the episodes recur, see a doctor for further evaluation.Drink plenty of water daily to avoid urinary tract infection.Hope this helped.Feel free to write back for further clarifications.Regards