I got diagnosed with a UTI on Friday (4/3) and

Patient: I got diagnosed with a UTI on Friday (4/3) and started taking ciprofloxacin the same day. I have to take 1 a day twice a day for 10 days. My boyfriend and I are going out of town next Friday (4/10) and we want to be able to have sex, but I’m not sure if it will be safe by then, since it will have only been 7 days of me taking the antibiotic. Will sex be out of the question, oral or penetrative?

Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query.Read and understood your concerns related to UTI and sex after 7 days of treatment.It all depends upon the response to the antibiotic you are taking, the quantity of the oral fluids you are taking, the way the sex is performed.Oral on you is absolutely no-no.Penetrative sex can be tried if the response to the treatment is perfectly fine, the sex is performed with care and slowly just for a pleasure.Of course, try to postpone the dates of outing with your boyfriend if you both can as there will be a hindrance in pleasure once you are cured.I hope this answers your query very clearly.