I got my blood work back and my Lymphs (Absolute)

Patient: I got my blood work back and my Lymphs (Absolute) is at 3.3 which the range is 0.7-3.1. It is also considered to be at 42%. I don’t know what this mean but it states that it is high. Over the last four months and continuing, I have lost 40 pounds, my left leg goes numb or tingles, I am constantly tired and I suffer through headaches and migraines more often than usual.10:42 am The lymphs absolute testing is in units of x10E3/uLThey told me to check with my primary doctor but honestly what can she do. Should I just go to the ER and have them check it out.

Symptoms: Weak, Headaches, tired, weight loss (40 pounds in 4 months w/out trying), sometimes (and rarely) my eyes get blurry, and my left leg tingles or feels numb.