I got my period and it randomly stopped Am I

Patient: I got my period and it randomly stopped. Am I pregnant or just stressed?-He used a condom and pulled out on top of that. My period came on time the day after, and it was a normal period, so I didn’t stress anymore. Then the next 2 days I started overthinking it, and my period became lighter and basically stopped. I’ve done lots of research and I have shown no signs of early pregnancy, so it seems like I’m not pregnant. Please help..

Symptoms: Abnormal period

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.You have just experienced a lighter period than the usual one. As you have said that t he period lasted for over 2 days and came on time, there is nothing that you should worry about.Many women have this type of bleeding at least once in a year. It could be due to stress or minor hormonal changes. Observe for 3 more cycles, in case it remains the same consult a gynecologist. However, do a pregnancy test now to be 100 percent reassured.Hope this helped.Regards