I got stuck by a needle from an insulin pen

Patient: I got stuck by a needle from an insulin pen and am a little worried about blood bourne diseases. The client had no history of hiv, hep b or c has medication for HTN, & Cholesterol history of Positive TB (as far as I know) I work in a drug and alcohol facility and also the patient does not have a history of IV drug use. They are here because of Alcohol use. I dont know what to do the LPN’s that work here are making a big deal but my supervisor said it should be okay I have an appointment to get tested I just dont know what to do my head is all over the place. Please help.

Symptoms: None

Doctor: Thanks for your question.I understand your fears are unwarranted , if the patient was not HIV, Hep B/C positive , t hen no way you can catch Hep B or C or HIV . TB does not spread this way either.You are perfectly alright. Hope this helps you.

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Patient: Okay thank you so very much! I do appreciate it