I got warts from my sister when I was about

Patient: I got warts from my sister when I was about 6. They have been with me since. I originally had one on my left pinky but that soon changed, as I continued to get older I started to develop more warts on my fingers. My Mum took me to the doctors to get them burnt off with dry ice. It made them worse! I continued to have them on my hands up until year six where I got one on my knee, it was really small and more of then have spread around that area (I also got two of them on my left arm). When I was in year 8 I had to do cooking class with a partner. They were a real bully and they noticed my hands immediately. They started teasing me about having them and that they didn’t want to be my partner. This had a huge affect on me. I felt so disgusting :(. At the end of that year I started taking Olive Leaf Extract and Kyolic tablets. Within seven weeks all the warts on my hands had cleared up (and the one on my foot). This brought back so much positivity in my life I felt so happy! I had actually moved to a different school too so nobody new about my warts. As I said before, I felt so positive. I didn’t encounter any warts on my hands throughout the year. But in my second week of year 10 I started getting really small warts on my hands again. I have about 5 really small warts and I have been on Kyolic tablets again for a few weeks but nothing has happened. I’m really starting to stress out! I feel like it’s because of the warts on my knee and the 2 on the back of my left arm. They were the only warts left and the only ones that weren’t affected by the Kyolic tablets and Olive Leaf Extract. I really don’t want to be teased at my new school and have to go through the same ordeal again. I am really really worried. Having warts again could really impact my social life and could make me lose my friends. I’m actually about to start taking Thuja pillules, my cousin said that they worked for her so I really hope they work for me. But if they don’t work, what should I do?Sincerely,A very concerned

Doctor: Hello. Welcome to ask the doctor.I understand your concern.Warts are caused by virus with very high tendency of spread from.one person to another. It also spreads very fast from one part of body to another part.There are various treatment modalities available including removal by using Electrocautery or Chemical cauterisation using Trichloroacetic acid or potassium hydroxide or phenol .Else you may use salicylic acid containing lotion or lactic acid to be applied over the warts under vaseline cover.Good Immunity also favors self-resolution. So have a good and healthy diet.You should visit your doctor and discuss the options so that he can provide you the best.You can share my opinion with him.I hope it helps. Take care.