I had a baby 4 weeks ago

Patient: I had a baby 4 weeks ago.. When I gave birth I tore and had to get stiches.. Since I gave birth I have not gone poop… What should I do i have to go but I’m so scared to what should I do please help

Doctor: Hi,Thank you for the query.I understand your concern.Some amount of pain could be there due to episiotomy sut ures after delivery.By following measures like taking plenty of oral fluids, fibre rich diet, using laxatives etc, constipation and straining during the stools can be avoided, which can lead to the easy passage of motion without much pain.Analgesics and sitz bath etc can help in decreasing the pain.Not passing the motion for four weeks is not good.So, please consult your doctor or go to ESR, then depending on the severity of the condition, you can go for either enema or laxatives with your doctor’s advice to clear the bowels.After that please follow the suggestions given above and try to keep regular bowel movements.Take care