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I had a blighted ovum beginning of March and conceived

Patient: I had a blighted ovum beginning of March and conceived immediately after. Last date of intercourse was March 23. Positive HPT on March 31. Low HCG levels but doubling (156 on April 10, 808 on April 15 and 3355 on April 20).Went for ultrasound today and they saw gestational sac only measuring 5 weeks 2-3 days. By our calculations we should be 7 weeks.No LMP to use as a guide.Is this another blighted ovum?



Doctor: Hello,Thanks for trusting ATD about your health care.I can understand your concerns.Usually there is a diffe rence of 1-2 weeks in size of foetus in ultrasound scan than the calculation of gestational age by LMP.So as in your case the difference of 1-2 weeks in growth can be considered normal finding.As your hcg is also doubling, it is a good sign of live pregnancy.In blighted ovum hcg levels are not doubling and there is no cardiac activity in gestational sac and there is no embryo inside the gestational sac( sac is empty).So in your case as you are having live embryo inside the gestational sac, than the chances of blighted ovum are not there.You are not having any sign of bleeding or spotting. ( that is also a good sign).Hope it is useful, feel free to discuss further details.Good luck.Regards



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Patient: Thanks but at this point no embryo seem just gestational sac. Is that reasonable at this stage or is it odd to only see a sac?

Doctor: Hello dear,
Sometimes due to delayed ovulation and conception it is possible that only sac is visible at the 5 th weeks of pregnancy and no embryo is seen.
Repeat ultrasound scan after 2 weeks clear the situation.
Wait and watch for it and share your results with us.
Good luck.


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