I had a boil on my butt 16 years ago

Patient: I had a boil on my butt 16 years ago that I felt left scar tissue. It’s always been hard and raised and the color if my skin. It never bothered me until now. It’s extremely red and is growing. It hurts like hell.

I had a boil on my butt 16 ...-1

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.On reading your history, and viewing the image that you attached along with the query, it seems like you have developed an acute inflammation over the area, it could be an abscess or even a fistulous tract causing the symptoms. Kindly see a surgeon for an examination and this will need a course of anti-inflammatory medicines and incision and drainage under anesthesia if indicated. It may need serial dressings as well. Also, rule out diabetes.Hope this helped.Regards