I had a boil that i popped and ran hot

Patient: I had a boil that i popped and ran hot water on it turned into a white wound . i put salt on it now it is a bigger white wound kind of deep. since i have cleaned i with peroxide iodine and applied medihoney and wrapped it. it has become itchy less painful but is still kind of deep white and leaks through the gauze pleAse help

Symptoms: Open wound, white inside, kind of deep

I had a boil that i popped ...-1

Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query and an elucidate history and a clear picture.You had popped the boil, washed with warm w ater, applied hydrogen peroxide, applied medihoney and wrapped it.It now appears white.The whiteness indicated that his is the dead fascia.This needs to be surgically removed and the wound be kept clean.Also needed are antibiotics and supportive treatment.