I had a brain anurism in the left side of my brain.

Patient: My name is Mario. In 2012 i had a brain anurism in the lft side of my brain. I had a coiling procedure done. And i am on 50mg of metropolol 2x a day, and on almodopine 10mg once a day.. I wanted to know if someone with a health history like mine can use muscle suppliments while i workout ?

Doctor: HI.Very good question.Noted your history of coiling procedure for brain aneurysm and being on metoprolol and amlod ipine.There is no problem in taking any good form of proteins by a good company of repute in your area, nut nothing in the name of protein supplements and before going for any strenuous exercises you should consult your Doctor who performed the procedure on you to know how much exercises you can exert for.I hope I have cleared your doubts, follow them strictly.