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I had a car accident 4 months ago and hurt

Patient: I had a car accident 4 months ago and hurt my shin, I never saw a doctor. The pain was bearable till 4 days ago I ran up stairs and now the pain in the same spot on my shin is horrible. I can’t walk on it and the bone is sensitive to the toutch. What could it be?



Symptoms: Shin bone pain



Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query to ATD for an opinion,There is a likelihood that after the accident which you had there may have suffered a local injury over the bone and a contusion then where periosteum may been intact and hence no pain. But while running upstairs you may have suffered a stress fracture due to pressure which is causing the pain. It is suggested that you may get a Xray lower limb done to rule out the same. Please visit your physician soon. In the meantime, you may use cold compresses over the shin to relieve pain and if required NSAIDS may be used.I hope i have addressed your query,Wishing you speedy recovery,Regards

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Patient: Thank you, that’s very helpful! I have been elevating my leg and putting ice on it at leased 7 times a day to numb it.
I will visit my physician next week. Afterwards I’ll email you my diagnoses.

Doctor: I shall await your email, thanks


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