I had a cyst on my liver that pressed on

Patient: I had a cyst on my liver that pressed on a vein in my abdomen which was removed about six months ago as a result caused all the superficial veins on my legs Stomach chest Back and penis to become grossly varicose . To clarify what I mean by grossly varicose at the time of the operation veins on my legs were larger ones were approximately 2 inches a crossed some on my backward much is 2 1/2 and on my stomach , the dorsal penis was about an inch the full length of the shaft with various other sizes covering the rest of it . Over the last month or so all the veins everywhere have started to swell again and have nearly doubled in size . And have spread completely covering my back and arms and the rest of my chest As you would imagine I went back to the physician and he had a color Doppler and other various test and said that there was no blockage and I was clear but did not give me any exclamation for the swelling , i’ve also seen a specialist for varicose veins Who did not want to treat me for the sheer size and amount of affected veins. Being that all these blood vessels or still increasing in size and quite quickly any thoughts that you may have that would be helpful would be appreciated thank you .

Doctor: Hi.Read and understood your history, concerns and the opinion of the specialist.You have an obvious history of cys t on the liver pressing on the major vein that caused the back-pressure and dilatation of the veins in the area of drainage.Since the veins on all the parts as you explained have gone into dilatation, there has to be a reason and should be found out. I would suggest you the following:- Color doppler of the heart and the blood vessels draining into it. With the history you have provided of the recent development, angiography of the superior as well as inferior vena cava have to be done to find the site of blockage to plan he further management so that your problems will get over.I would advise you to consult a Cardiothoracic Surgeon to get to a proper clinical evaluation, examination and investigations to get to the root of the problem and plan a proper treatment.I hope, this answer helps you to get a proper diagnosis and further treatment.