I had a cyst removed from my tail

Patient: Your question: “I had a cyst removed from my tail bone 3 days ago , did everything I was asked ( maintence wise ) now I have a rectum pain that in my rectum and hurts bad when I cough , and the pain goes from my rectum to in between my legs to my scrotum , . I also have…”

Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query.Looks the question got lost in typing, I mean remained incomplete.Well, from whatever I could read, your problem is the pains that travel from the tailbone to the scrotum. Pain is also increased on coughing and all this occurring after removal of a cyst from the tailbone 3 days ago.The probable cause is the edema which occurs due to surgery, involvement of some small nerves in the process.I would advise you to be seen by the Operating surgeon to check for the evidence infection or edema causing these symptoms, to get additional medicines and advice.I hope this answers your query.