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Patient: I had a dating pregnancy scan last Friday and the report says this “gestation sac seen in mid part of endometrial cavity rather than fundus close clinical follow up is recommended” what does this mean? My Dr was unable to tell me when he gave me the report. I am currently 8w 0d and i was 7w 2d at the time of the ultrasound. I am 24 years old.

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.The gestational sac is visualised normally in the fundus and the doctor needs to visu alise the double decidual sign for conforming a true gestational sac. Of the sac is visualised in the mid part of endometrial cavity and not eccentrically in the fundus, it could mean that the sac is not a true gestational sac and could be a pseudo or false gestational sac which could be indicative of a non viable pregnancy. You have to follow up with a repeat scan after a week to get the accurate report.Also, pesudosac could be suggestive of an ectopic pregnancy as well which recommends a close follow up.There are chances of bleeding and collection of blood as well in the cavity due to this.For now, do not worry and get the scan done. Continue folic acid supplements.Hope this helped.Regards

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Patient: Sorry i should have mentioned. The embryo was seen in the scan with a heartbeat of 163bpm. Does this change my outlook?

Doctor: Hello,
It can still favour an ectopic pregnancy. However, consider repeating a scan after 7 days. Watch out for pain abdomen, bleeding from vagina or fainting attacks, see a doctor immediately if you experience these symptoms.

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