I had a fall 2 months back and I hurt

Patient: I had a fall 2 months back and I hurt my head very badly. I had terrible pain in the back of my head and neck. I got my CT done and it was normal. However even after two months it still pains in the back and top of my head. The pain is mild and intermittent. Please advise.EDIT:I am otherwise normal and don’t have any other symptoms. I drive, eat and sleep properly. Except for this mild intermittent pain I don’t have any other problems. Please advise.

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.It is indeed reassuring that your CT scan is normal. This solves almost half of the pro blem and documents no further investigation. The intermittent pain could be due to the delayed effect of the trauma that you had. Consider consulting a neurologist for an examination.If even that turns out to be normal, then the cause could be due to stress and tension headache. Avoid mental stress and try relaxation techniques like meditation and yoga. Avoid smoking and alcohol.Hope this helped.Regards