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I had a fully ablative laser procedure on my nose

Patient: I had a fully ablative laser procedure on my nose three months ago to minimize some shallow acne scars, but the results were very unsatisfactory. My skin has healed and I am looking to have a dermabrasion performed to treat the remaining scars – I have had success with dermabrasion in the past. Do I need to wait any longer for my skin to recover before having the dermabrasion performed.



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Doctor: HiRead the history and understood your concerns.Noted that you had dermabrasion in past with good results, tried las er 3 months ago with unsatisfactory result and hence wants Dermabrasion again.Since 3 months have elapsed since last laser, you can go for dermabrasion as 3 months is sufficient time for recovery.This is the usual timing for regeneration of skin.It also depends whether the laser has caused any damage or scarification of the skin and you may then have to wait depending upon the experience and opinion of the Specialist performing Dermabrasion.I hope this answers your query.

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Patient: My skin appears fine, but the original scars just didn’t change much – my concern is if the skin is thick enough after 3 months (knowing that the dermabrasion is going to take it off) – does the skin continue to thicken after 3 months, or is it essentially fully recovered at 3 months?

Doctor: Thanks for your feedback.
Noted that the original scars did not change much and the skin appears fine.
Yes, the skin is thick after 3 months, regenerated and remodeled.
The normal skin would not continue to thicken after 3 months as the superficial layers are shed away.
Unless there is scarification, it is recovered well at 3 months.
I hope this clears your doubts.


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