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I had a negative strep test 4 days ago but

Patient: I had a negative strep test 4 days ago but now I have white spot on my throat



Doctor: Hi,Thanks for your query, albeit short and specific.Noted the history of white spot on throat in spite of negative strep test 4 days ago.Strep tests shows positive only when the throat infection is caused by the small group of bacteria called as streptococcus bacteria.There are a number of other types of bacteria that too can cause sore throat and infection.Hence there can be bacteria other than streptococcus type that can cause infection and cause white spot on throat.I hope this answers your query.Please see your Doctor again so that you can have clinical examination and appropriate treatment.



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Patient: ok they told me a virus but I didn’t have the spots . pluse my throat is still burning & hurting the reason I went in the first place. could I have gotten a negative result & it still be strep but was @ the beginning stages. ik there’s other types but I was just wanting to know if it’s possible?

Doctor: You have symptoms, means there is an infection; whether viral or bacterial is the issue.
Out of the bacterial infection Streptococcus is one that can be immediately detected and the commonest bacterial cause so the test is done.
Even after virus infection one can develop secondary bacterial infection in the throat and may need treatment with antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medication.
White spots indicate presence of bacterial infection.
I hope this further clears your doubts.

Patient: ok thank you I just been through a lot & had to have my esophagus remove do to high grade dysplasia so I’m just tired of going to Dr & having to wait for long time to be seen. thank you again

Doctor: Oh,
I can understand.
Yet, it is better to get a proper treatment to avoid further complications.
Please take care.


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