I had a perianal abcess operation 7 yrs ago ,

Patient: I had a perianal abcess operation 7 yrs ago , niw I feel a similar lump there and I started taking augmentin and it usually works, but now if us 2 days and no improvement, I just gave birth a week ago and I am not keen in operation as I needs to be with my newborn as I am breastfeeding Anything esle I can do pls?

Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query.Read and understood your history of perineal abscess 7 years ago and now you have develop ed similar lump for which you are taking Augmentin without any positive effect.Since you have a newborn to nurse, you do not want operation.- I would advise you the following:Go for Ultrasonography / MRI of the area to know the exact position of the area whether it is the scar that has got hypertrophied or cellulitis or an actual abscess has developed.This diagnosis alone can give us the further plan as to what should be done