I had a tubal ligation 6 yrs ago my period

Patient: I had a tubal ligation 6 yrs ago .my period always come every 25 days it’s been 30 days I still haven’t had no period I never miss a period before. I been cramping off and on no period yet is it possible I need to take a pregnancy test. or is this normal.

Doctor: Hi.Noted your history of tubal ligation 6 years ago. The periods come every 25 days but have been late by 5 days now for the first time it seems making possibilities of anything in mind including pregnancy.It is almost to have pregnancy after such a long period.This is definitely not normal for you as per the history you have provided, but this can occur.To be safe get one pregnancy tests as it is already 5 days late and if negative, stop worrying, wait and watch, if still does not occur, consult your Gynecologist for further course of action .Hope this helps you.