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I had a urin test 5 days ago and the

Patient: I had a urin test 5 days ago and the dr said it contained a very high level of puss cells. I have been on bacterium since then. My urine continues to be cloudy and foamy. I have had bladder infections before, but this time there is no sign of blood or decrease in the amount each time, which is about twice an hour. With 5 times during the night. Of course I am drinking a lot of water, but am used to that as this is normal for me. Should I see the dr again? Could this be something else going on.



Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query to ATD for an opinion,The presence of pus cells does indicate infection and increased frequency of urine itself is a major symptom. This need not be always accompanied with red blood cells or hematuria as in cystitis but mere pus cells and epithelial cells are enough to make a diagnosis. It is further suggested that a urine culture needs to be done to isolate the organism and a course of urinary antibiotics should be taken for a week ideally. You may discuss the treatment whether the antibiotics needs to be escalated depending upon the culture report.I hope i have answered your query,Wishing you speedy recovery,Regards



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Patient: Is this something I should be concerned about? Such as how soon should I go back to the Dr? I still have 2 days of antiboticsleft left. Should I wait until I have finished all of them?

Doctor: Hello,
You may finish the course of antibiotics andget a fresh urine culture and microscopy doen after the course as i believe that the test which you have quoted must have been taken before the start of antibiotics.


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