I had a uti and i was taking antibiotics and

Patient: I had a uti and i was taking antibiotics and uristat I had sex with my by last night and i felt nothing just numb and discomfort is that normal can a vagina lose feeling what should i do

Symptoms: Lose of feeling in vagina discomfort and pain

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query to ATD for an opinion,If you have been on antibiotics and uristat for UTI and pain reli ef alone, then these drugs should not be a reason for a loss of vaginal sexual arousal sensations. However, phenazopyridine or uristat if taken at higher doses of more than 80mg a day can often cause such sensory side-effects.As you have been taking this medication along with antibiotics for symptoms related to a urinary tract infection, or possibly self-treating yourself , do not take it for more than 2 days. It is suggested that you should avoid using uristat and watch for sensations to return in next 48 hrs. If they do not then you need to be evaluated by a neuro physician for a local nerve dysfunction.Wishing you good health,Regards