I had an abbess in my growin right side went

Patient: I had an abbess in my growin right side went to the er yesterday they opend it drained it and packed it . Now my right legg keeps hurting and the the area around the abscess is swollen still a hard tender under the abscess is this normal my legg really hurts keeps me from sleeping

Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query.Noted your history of incision of the groin abscess in ER, but still having the problems of swollen hard area and pain in the right leg.The probable reasons are:- Even though the abscess is incised, the rest of the swollen tissues is there and takes a few days of settling the swelling, and hence the pain in the same leg.- I would advise you the following:Take the medicines as advised.- Take full bed rest.- Request for medicines that have both the properties of anti-inflammatory as well as a painkiller. You can request for an additional painkiller.Do not worry, this will settle within the next few days.I hope this answers your query.