I had an abortion on 16th December 2014 at 7

Patient: I had an abortion on 16th December 2014 at 7 weeks pregnant with aspiration whilst awake.I got my first period 28 days later, my second period another 28 days following that, then my 3rd period came earlier at 25 days.I am now on day 40 since then and have not had a period.I have only had sex 3 times since the abortion. Those dates were 25th January, 4th April and 11th April using the withdrawal method and with him pulling out in time.I’m 33, not on any form of birth control.

Doctor: Hello.Thanks for trusting us about your health concern.I can understand your concern here.The prospects of pregn ancy are there in your case, so first you should go for a home urine pregnancy test to rule out pregnancy because pulling out method is not 100% effective.Then get your test done and share your results with us.Hope it was useful, feel free to ask more questions.Regards

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Patient: 2 pregnancy tests done. One on friday one this morning. Both negative.
Had slight brown discharge on Sunday afternoon once when I wiped now nothing.