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I had an anxiety attack where I had one high

Patient: I had an anxiety attack where I had one high reading where the meter said blood sugar was high. And it said ketone. After that my 12 hour fasting blood sugar was 80 and other than taking it imediately after I eat it ranges from 90-107 couple hours after eating. Should I worry about that one test that came out high with ketone?



Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query.Read and understood your history of very high sugar and ketone readings once. But followed by a normal reading after 12 hours of fasting as 80 and then 90 to 107 taken after the food at various times.The most important possibility is that the the strip you used might have been faulty, This can happen.Since your readings of today are absolutely normal just stop worrying as the very high blood sugar can not come to normal so fast. Take one random reading some other time of the day, take a fasting and post-prandial tomorrow.By the way, are you diabetic and / or taking medicines for diabetes?I hope this defuses your anxiety. There is nothing to worry at the moment.



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Patient: After I was having an anxiety attack I calmed down and took it two hours later it was 135 then two hours after that it was around 105. I was sitting down randomly and then I was really anxious and my legs were shaking and I was having a hard time relaxing. I thought since I hadn’t eaten much it was low so I imediately ate some honey and a sandwich and imediately following that I took my blood sugar and got that read to be followed by the 156 not even two hours later then 120 4 hours later. I’ve never been diabetic. And since that day when I’m 12 hours fasting it’s around 80 and 4 hours after eating it’s around 100-107. I’ve been having anxiety about this one episode I had to the point where im constantly checking it.

Doctor: In fact I wanted to write in the first answer only- in spite of all the height of anxiety you sugars are normal except one reading. You if go on checking them continuously, it will be different every time. Important is that they remain in limits.
I would suggest you to consult your Doctor, get sugars and related blood reports from the laboratory. If normal, you will automatically get relaxed.
Just stop checking it at home.
Anxiety can increase all the problems, it is the cause of may problems, hence calm down.


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