I had an iron study done said my ferritin was 80 it supposed to be 70. Can u please suggest?

Patient: I had an iron study done said my ferritin was 80 and he said should be around 70. 2 months ago my b12 was low as was my folate. Can u explain if my ferritin is still low or high?

Doctor: Hi welcome to Ask The Doctor,Iron, vitamin B12, and folic acid are very important components of overall health. They are each required to make red blood cells, which in turn carry oxygen throughout the body. Without adequate iron, we can become anemic.Ferritin is the form in which iron is stored in the tissues of the body, particularly the liver, spleen, and bone marrow. Ferritin is a protein complex that contains iron. A ferritin level less than 30 indicates iron deficiency, and less than 18 can indicate absent iron stores. A high ferritin level may indicate the need for further testing in order to rule out iron overload. Regular tests can show the level of your ferritin. If your B12 is low, automatically your iron levels will fall. Low-level of iron is very dangerous.Hope this helps.