I had an IV put in my right arm,3 weeks

Patient: I had an IV put in my right arm,3 weeks ago, It became infected,I went to another ER and they gave me Bactrim for the infection and it’s only getting worse. I clean it daily and it isn’t getting any better. What can I do?

Symptoms: Enlarging red rash

Doctor: Hi.Read and understood your problem called as Thrombophlebitis.Bactrim isa good antibiotic for this purpose but if it is not working within 3 days then I would like to change to another group antibiotic like Amoxicillin with Dicloxacillin, your Doctor would be happy to change over.You can also apply hot fomentation, elevate the affected part above the heart level to reduce the edema in lying down position.Do not massage at all.I hope this answers your query.