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I had an unfortunate situation occur last week and wanted

Patient: I had an unfortunate situation occur last week and wanted to see if I am at risk for anything serious. A bit embarrassing, but my anus was fingered rather agressively by someone who could potentially be at risk for HIV or other STD’s. I am not sure if there was any anal bleeding but I suspect there could have been some due to how hard the thrusting was. The individual did wash their hands briefly beforehand although not thoroughly. I cannot be sure if they had an open wound or cut on their hand. Recently I have encountered a little bit of a headache/nausea and I am concerned it all could be related. Could you please provide any insight. Thanks so much



Doctor: Hello,Thank you for your medical query at AskTheDoctor.comI understand your concern.From the exposure you had, t here is a very low chance of HIV transmission considering the individual has HIV.If you had any unprotected intercourse, it would have been a major worry.But, transmission of HIV through acts like fingering, or just genital touching or oral sex, is extremely low, and no one has ever documented conclusively that these acts can transmit HIV. This is because mostly intercourse follows these acts, and hence it is difficult to understand what spread the infection.In your case though, the chance of HIV is low, mostly because HIV transmission needs a good viral load to enter the body, and this happens during seminal emission. Hence, other acts do not really spread HIV.The headache/ nausea can be due to stress or other gastric issues, this is not related to your exposure.Hope this was helpful,Feel free to discuss further,Regards.



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Patient: Great, thanks. Any other viral infections (bacteria, etc.) that I should be concerned about? Thanks again.

Doctor: Hello,
If he had some local bacterial infection in his finger, it could have been transmitted, but the chance of that happening is also low.


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