I had been having horrible pains since Monday so when


Q: I had been having horrible pains since Monday.. so when I had my appt they wanted me to have the NST.. we assumed all would be well and it would be 20 min in and out.. After they started it they noticed i had an "irritated" uterus, so they administered fluids.. that didn't work.. they tried some preterm labor meds - didnt work.. the shot they do to stop contractions - didnt work ..I asked if it was Braxton Hicks and she said no, it was stronger..and it would slow down and then the cramping would get worse and worse in the front and in my back and they said it was ALMOST a full contraction, just not as long?... They did some test where they swab down yonder (fabulous time) and it took 4 hours to get back, but was negative so I got to leave! And I wasn't dialated. So is that even preterm contractions? Can you go into preterm labor with no dilation? (Was started with my first) I was scheduled for an US wednesday at 1 since baby was measuring too small, and to check cervical length (during an exam she said the front was softening? whatever that means?).. baby checked out good (wooohoo!) but they noticed something on my cervix, so the doctor (NOT MY OB) came in and took over, and saw there were very large blood vessels adjacent to baby and said they they were my blood vessels, and he hadn't seen anything like this before..he said he tried looking it up in his books and couldn't find anything on it. He was concerned, but didn't tell me what COULD happen if I deliver vaginally, but said he would talk to my OB and see what she thought.. He recommended a c section.. NO big deal, but what happens if the blood vessels rupture? If they are really large is that bad? ... can they rupture at any time? I am so confused... he said he "didn't want to see what COULD happen if they ruptured during delivery"... okay, so... why am i in doubled over pain that hasn't gone away, still cramping, whats the deal with the blood vessels... am i having this baby early? is the blood vessel sit. gonna make me deliver early?.. i don't get any answers till Wednesday.. i am beyond confused and stressed.. I have been having bad lower back pains and just felt nauseous and tired. They sent me home with the light pains the other day on modified bedrest. I was just wondering what this COULD be? I don't get to see my doctor for two days, and I am so nervous.. I have had the cramping and back pains since last sunday. I had two very bad ones yesterday that were irregular, but lasted 1 minute or a little less each.

Symptoms:  Cramping, lower back pain, extreme nausea, vomiting, loose bowels

A:   Hello,
Thanks for the query.

Cramping and lower abdominal pain on and off can be a sign of preterm labor. Yes preterm labor can happen without dilatation. It is called threatened preterm. If left untreated, it can end up with dilatation and delivery. Intestinal infections can also cause cramps and loose stools and can trigger a preterm labor.
In your case, it could be an infection and this might need antibiotics.
Since the swab test has been negative there is no vaginitis or signs of chorioamnionitis which says that the condition is not acute.
The ultrasound report has to be reviewed to say what the blood vessels mean which you have been talking about. It could be a placenta previa or a cervical fibroid which may be associated with large blood vessels.
However, with a c-section it would not cause any harm.
Kindly wait for a while until you see the doctor personally. Take bed rest and avoid strenuous activity. Drink plenty of water. Calm down.

Hope this helped.

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