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I had blood and urine test.

Patient: Hi,My name is Sofia and I am 24 yrs. old.I recently had a blood test and urine test and the result is as followsMCHC – 319 g/LAla. Aminotransferase (ALT) – 35 U/LAsp. Aminotransferase (AST) – 32 U/LSex Hormone Binding Globulin – 17 nmol/LSerum C – reactive protein (CRP) – 16 mg/LSerum complement (C3) – 2.01 g/LSerum complement (C4) – 0.41 g/LAfter these result, the doctor has recommended for another blood test. They are as followsTest Requested – U/E, FBE, ESR, ENA, C3, C4, CRPClinical notes – High ESR, CRP, C3C4 for investigationAlso, she advised me for an Ultrasound scan – PelvisI really didn’t understand about these tests. Could you please explain?I once had sex with my boyfriend. Does this have any connection with the blood result?



Symptoms: Migraine, gas problem, weight gain



Doctor: Hello,Thanks for writing to us.I have read your case and can understand your situation.From your blood reports i t seems your doctor is most likely trying to rule out autoimmune disorders , vasculitis, SLE, Sjögren’s syndrome and hepatitis .Since your C3,C4,CRP and B12 are reportedly high your doctor asked you to do ENA, repeat C3,C4 ,Fbe, u/e to check kidney functions and autoimmune status .It is advisable for you to get these reports done and get evaluated clinically to detect the problem /reason of high B12,C3,C4and CRP.USG pelvis may have been asked to rule out pregnancy, pcos state and for ruling out other pathologies related to reproductive system.Hope this helpsFeel free to write backRegards

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Patient: Ok. Normally at what cases C3,C4,CRP and B12 are reported high?? Are there any reasons?
Why is vasculitis, SLE, Sjögren’s syndrome and hepatitis test used for??
Also, does my sex life has anything to do with these tests and result??

Doctor: Hello
Thanks for writing back.
Sorry for late reply
The normal levels are:
C3 – 0.8 to 1.6 g/ l
C4 – 0.16 to 0.48g/l
CRP -1-3 mg/l
MCHC- 314 to 345 g/ dl
The tests for vasculitis, SLE and Sjögren’s syndrome is essential as these are autoimmune disorders and require treatment.
Your sex life is not related to test and result.
It is advisable for you to get evaluated further to rule out autoimmune causes or other pathologies by getting ENA, U/E, FBE,ESR done.
Feel free to write back

Patient: Hi Thanks for the reply. What do you think may be my disease. Is it something related to cancer??

Doctor: Hello
Thanks for writing back
This appears more of autoimmune in nature and less likely as cancer.
Hope this helps


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