I had despresstion for a bout a year and half

Patient: I had despresstion for a bout a year and half over four gt worse

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.It is really unfortunate to know that you have had depression and suffering with the sa me. We appreciate that you have sort help and would do our best in this regard to help you.First and foremost, you need to analyse the cause for depression and work towards eliminating it. If it is due to loss of a near and dear one, you will have to accept the fact and tide over it. If it is due to inter -personal problems, you may discuss the issues with your loved ones. Never let yourself be alone and pile up all your worries. Make sure you always tell someone whom you trust about your concerns and find a solution for it.Consult a psychiatrist for an examination and counselling sessions. The doctor will help in analysing the problem and help you find solutions for it. CBT, behaviour therapy, counselling, antidepressants in optimal doses and other methods are there to sort some solution for depression. Although it may take time for a complete cure, you will surely feel better over time.Never lose hope and think positively.Hope this helped.Regards