I had my last proper period early in December had

Patient: I had my last proper period early in December had what looked like implantation bleeding later in December, had a faint positive pregnancy test in jan , followed by negatives so I presumed it was another chemical pregnancy, I have yet to have a proper period, have only had spotting so light that no protection is necessary, my symptoms kept increasing and eventually at what would have been 16 weeks I felt movement, so I booked myself an ultrasound, the gp did not seem as competent with the machine as his partner who I had been to with my son, he struggled to see anything and was scanning over my cesarean scar, which has stretched, I am also overweight, he couldn’t adjust the image at all and complained about the “50 year old machine”, he told me he didn’t see anything and suggested blood tests, which I could not afford after paying him, he suggested no other follow up or causes for my experience, except to get blood tests for my own piece of mind, and now at what would be just over 20 weeks, I have lost what looked exactly like the mucus plug I passed with my son and have had mild period like cramps that radiate upwards since, I also feel the need to defecate with nothing but light gas being passed, I have also begun to feel more defined movement and am beginning to wory for my sanity with all the contradictions