I had my mirena replaced about 3 weeks ago after

Patient: I had my mirena replaced about 3 weeks ago after I dislodged it. It was 24 hrs I went without my mirena. I had sex with my ex almost a week after having it replaced. Since then my breats are more tender than usual, I am eating more, tired all the time, and sudden drops in my blood pressure just like when I was pregnant before. Is it possible that I could be or am I over thinking and worrying myself?

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.Since there has been a lag of 24 hours of mirena re insertion and a positive sexual histo ry without protection and no other back up , with symptoms of an early pregnancy, there could be mild chances of pregnancy. Do a urine pregnancy test after a week to rule out pregnancy and consider seeing your doctor accordingly. if negative, the symptoms could be premenstrual or changes in menstrual pattern of hormones .Drink plenty of water and avoid spicy food,oily and junk food.Hope this helped.Regards