I had my period on 3-6 I had my paragard

Patient: I had my period on 3-6..I had my paragard removed 3-23..when I got my paragard removed I had period like bleeding for a few days..my period never came on 4-6 but on 4-23 I had very light spotting that lasted for 4 days..I took a pregnancy test on 4-24 but came back negative…what could this mean ?could I be pregnant ?if not was my spotting a period ?

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.Generally there will be some bleeding in a few individuals on removal of the para guard .Also, it is a hormonal device and can lead to an imbalance in hormones on removal and hence there is a delay in the cycles. The spotting could be due to the removal of the device and not a pregnancy as the pregnancy test is negative. Your next cycle can happen anytime in a month’s window or even earlier, take it as the next cycle and keep a count for the rest of the months accordingly.In case you do not get the cycles, repeat the pregnancy test and see the gynecologist.Hope this helped.Regards