I had protected sex about 5 nights ago with my lower stomach in constant pressure

Patient: I had protected sex about 5 nights ago with my boyfriend and now my lower stomach has had constant pressure, also, my heart flutters or skips a beat and it’s sometimes hard to breath. Am I pregnant? Or is something wrong with me

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.If the sex you had with your partner 5 days back was a protected sex, then chances of pregnancy are minimal. Also the symptoms of palpitations and mild lower abdominal ache could be related to anxiety and not pregnancy per se. Also, it is important to learn if you were in your fertile period or safe period during sex. If you were in yourself period then after 5 days now, you may be experiencing ovulation which can present with milk abdominal cramps with occasional spotting or light brown vaginal discharge mixed with mucous. It is however suggested that you should visit your Physician for an examination and an ultrasound pelvis.Hope this helps.Regards