I had protected sex February 8th and then again 5

Patient: I had protected sex February 8th and then again 5 hours later but it was then February 9th. There was hardly any foreplay. It was basically just kissing and two minutes of rubbing then straight into sex. It hurt very badly, it felt like my insides were being rubbed by sandpaper. I was only sore for an hour or so after sex then I was fine. I do not have any funky discharge or odor. Every time my boyfriend and I have sex the bottom of my vagina opening always tears. It’s minimal, and heals each time on its own. I checked on it the other day to make sure it was healing ok and then got curious and scoped around. I pulled both sides of my vagina lips open and was immediately freaked out. On both sides of my opening on the inner walls it looks like pink shredded skin (in the mirror) then I took a picture with the flash and they are clusters off what looks like clear blister bubbly-gooeyish bumps. There are little bumps and then some of the pieces are like long and not shaped like a bump. These are on either side of what looks like to be my hymen. I believe my hymen is still intact and it covers the whole opening of my vagina. I’m not sure if maybe it was messed with during sex and maybe those are pieces of it? But they are hanging on the walls of my vagina. My main concern is that I have contracted something whether it be herpes, genital warts, or something else. The only thing that is keeping me somewhat sane is that I am severely allergic to adhesives. I get bad allergic skin reactions I break out in blisters and become very irritated. Due to my severe skin reactions doctors have advised me to stay away from latex as they assume I would have an allergy to that as well since some adhesives include latex. Well, I still use latex condoms anyway. Could this be an allergic reaction, or possibly wall tearing due to not enough lubrication? If this was genital herpes would I already have a break out 10-11 days after sex? What about genital warts? I know that my allergic reactions usually take more than a week to heal up and that’s WITH topical creams or antibiotics so if I’m not treating it I would assume it would still be there 10 days after sex. I feel very mild itching in the inside of my vagina and then my outer lips are very dry looking and itch midly as well. Please help, I am unable to see a doctor for another week or so. My mind is going crazy.