I had rapid onset of urinary problems One day

Patient: I had rapid onset of urinary problems. One day fine, the next day chills, sick feeling, difficulty passing urine. urinalysis revealed no bacteria present. DRE revealed swollen prostate. Got antibiotics anyway two days ago and symptoms still present. How long does it take for med to work?

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.You will have to wait for 5 days atleast for the antibiotic to show symptomatic relie f. Also,the anti infective action of the antibiotic would have started in 24 hours after the first dose . Kindly do not discontinue the antibiotics.Sometimes, a repeat course of medications may be needed for complete improvement. On finishing the course if you feel there is no improvement, kindly consult your doctor again so that the doctor can add a few more medicines of needed. Medicines like anti inflammatory agents may also help. Consider talking to your doctor regarding this.Hope this helped.Regards