I had sex for the first time 2 days ago

Patient: I had sex for the first time 2 days ago. It was the same day that my period ended. (we used protection AND he pulled out) the first time, it didn’t hurt at all and I didn’t bleed. He was on top. My boyfriend is quite small. The next morning, we had sex again. This time I got on top for a little while. I started bleeding after the second time and it lasted all day. We had sex a third time, that night, and it has now been 2 days and I am still bleeding. The blood was bright red but now it is brownish. Is this normal? Before this, he has fingered me with 2 and sometimes 3 fingers, I did not think my hymen was still intact.




Doctor: Hi,Thanks for the query.I understand your concern.According to your history the possible causes of your bleed ing are vaginal tear due to intercourse or fingering, prolonged menstrual flow, cervical erosion or polyp giving rise to bleeding etc.As you are having continuous bleeding since two days, better to get examined.By clinical examination the possible cause of your problem can be identified and treatment can be planned accordingly.Take care.

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