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I had sex literally like 26 hrs ago and about

Patient: I had sex literally like 26 hrs ago and about 12 hrs ago i noticed some pimple like white bumps on the shaft of my penis. Would this be herpes 2 or could it be something else. I did wear a condom except for oral.



Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.It is very unlikely that herpes can develop within such a short span of time. It take s at least 3 to 5 days from the exposure to develop symptoms. However if you already had the infection previously or just harboured the virus in your body, then this is possible. It may not be herpes in your case, as you had a protected intercourse. The bumps could just be papules developing after friction which tend to go away in sometime. They could also be sebaceous glands swelling. Chances of it being herpes or any other STD is unlikely.However consult a dermatologist personally for an examination and treatment.Hope this helpsRegards



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Patient: Ok so now its been 30hrs or so since having sex. I was not able to attach pics but this is what it first looked like when noticed to now.

Patient: What could i use till i do have my test on monday to stop the irritation and heal better?

Doctor: Hello
The lesions are more likely to be herpes in appearance. Kindly consult a dermatologist for a confirmation and treatment with antiviral.


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