I had sex on March 2 which was the last

Patient: I had sex on March 2 which was the last day of my period. My next period was March 29-April 3, and I have since had another period from April 29-May 4. Between my period 3/29-4/3 and 4/29-5/4 I had very light spotting around the time I would likely be ovulating, and I and that same very light pink discharge at the time I would be ovulating after my most recent period. I’ve been feeling extremely full/bloated and somewhat cramps, and taken 3 pregnant tests (all negative). Any chance I’m pregnant?

Doctor: Hi,Thanks for the query.I understand your concern.As usually ovulation will not occur during 5th or 6th day of menstrual cycle in case of regular periods, the possibility of pregnancy is less in your case.Intermenstrual spotting can be seen during ovulation or in other days due to gonadal hormonal imbalance. During early pregnancy also spotting can be seen due to implantation, growing gestational sac etc.Other possible causes are local causes like cervical erosion, polyp etc.If you want to rule out the possibility of pregnancy, please go for urine pregnancy test once.If pregnancy test gives negative result and Intermenstrual spotting persists, better to consult your doctor and get evaluated.Take care