I had sex twice and i bleed both times but

Patient: I had sex twice and i bleed both times but the first time not much came out but the second time reddish blood came out. Is there any possibility iam still a virigin? As i tried to insert my finger but couldn’t penetrate

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.Virginity is lost when a sexual intercourse, that is a complete penetration of the pe nis into the vagina happens, irrespective of the bleeding. Hence, it is counted that you have lost your virginity, the first time you had an intercourse. It is not related to inserting your finger inside or trying a penetration that way as vaginal dilatation can happen with a good orgasm and secretions at the time of climax helping the penis to penetrate fully inside the cavity to cause a bleeding indicating a good penetration and a completion of sex.Hope this helped.Regards