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I had sex with my boy friend two weeks ago

Patient: I had sex with my boy friend two weeks ago. I took a clear blue digital read yesterday and it said I am between 2 and 3 weeks. Any possible way it could be his



Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.It could be possible that you could be pregnant. If your day of the cycle was 14 days to 20th days around ovulation time, chances of pregnancy are highest. You can do a beta hCG blood test to detect an early pregnancy and act accordingly.Also follow it up with an ultrasound later to establish an intrauterine pregnancy.Hope this helped.Feel free to contact us for further clarification.Regards.



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Patient: …my pregnancy has been confirmed that wasn’t my question. I took a clear blue digital test. It says that I am between 2&3 weeks. I have irregular periods I have PCOS. My question IS, am I too far along for the pregnancy to be my boyfriends, or is it someone else’s? The first time we had sex was July 29th

Doctor: Hello,
Can you please let us know your last cycle date.
It most likely could be his pregnancy as the last intercourse was on 29 th july and can correspond to 2 weeks.

Patient: I haven’t had a period since June 15, I have PCOS I’m not regular which complicates things. But I have heard that the digital monitor says 2-3 weeks. And I may actually be more like 5 weeks. I am never sure of my ovulation. But 13 days seems early to already have positive pregnancy tests. I have also been taking metformin

Doctor: Hello,
Thanks for the reply.
Knowing your detailed menstrual history, it seems to be possible to have a pregnancy of 2 weeks as you have a history of polycystic ovaries. Delayed ovulation can happen and hence a delayed conception not corresponding to the last menstrual period. Can I know what symptoms do you have as of now?

Patient: I have cramping, exhaustion, mood swings. No swollen breasts no morning sickness…I’m just wondering if I’m maybe too far along for the baby to be my boyfriends

Patient: I also have constipation. Again, no swollen breasts or morning sickness. No cravings. I’ve also been having headaches. I want to say the cramping has been happening for a little less than a week now

Doctor: These are infact very early symptoms and may not be specific to pregnancy. It could be due to hormonal changes or a deficit in general health and stress. Did you have another partner, if yes, when was the last intercourse with him?

Patient: Yes, we had intercourse 7/26

Doctor: It is indeed difficult to predict who can be responsible for the pregnancy as the interval between the two sexual acts is very narrow. Only a dna karyotyping of fetus and comparing with either of your partner’s DNA can help.
Do a beta HCG test and follow up with an ultrasound to confirm the dating of preganacy.


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