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I had sliding genioplasty on my chin and needed revisionary

Patient: I had sliding genioplasty on my chin and needed revisionary surgery on it because of surgical error in placement of the bone. After this, my mentalis muscle droops below the border of my jawline and wrinkles/dimples. I had yet another surgery to resuspend the muscle by temporarily suturing it to my braces and this failed. Has this procedure EVER been successful? I have not found one single case or person who had had their iatrogenic chin ptosis corrected. If it makes a difference, differently placed intraoral incisions were used each time, so I assume the mentalis was cut at different spots each time.



Symptoms: Chin drooping, ptosis, mentalis strain



Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.It could be possible that the procedure has not been successful. Every procedure has a failure rate which varies from person to person. Healing and appearance depend on the age, location of the wound, regularity pf treatment, etc.In your case, there could be one of the factors preventing healing.Consult another doctor for an examination and opinion.Feel free to write back for further clarifications.Hope this helpedRegards

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Patient: Please explain how the mentalis muscle is cut and then reattached during intraoral chin surgery (sliding genioplasty). From what I’ve read, the mentalis sticks to the bone again as a scar. How?
I have a problem now with severe mentalis dimpling/wrinkling when I close my lips, which was never a problem I had before. Apparently this from scar tissue. Does this mean everytime the mentalis is cut, the dimpling will increase? Or if it’s resuspended higher, I can can close my lips without straining this muscle and the scar tissue won’t cause dimpling?

Doctor: Hello,
Thanks for the query.
The mentalis dimpling or wrinkling could be a side effect of the surgery. As mentioned earlier, there can be a failure rate with every surgery.
It is difficult to explain the procedure of how things are cut and alligned. You can see a video of the procedure if available on the internet to understand it correctly.
Without an examination and investigations like x ray or ct scan it is not possible to comment on the present situation and how things can change with a revision surgery.
Consult an oro maxillary surgeon as well as a cosmetologist. A combined opinion from both the doctoe will halp you. Depending on the findings, the doctor’s can decide on the treatment like sclerotherapy or revision surgery to reduce any scar tissue or change the alignment.
Hope this helped.


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