I had strep about 3-4 weeks ago and got antibiotics

Patient: I had strep about 3-4 weeks ago and got antibiotics for it. They didn’t help so I went back about a week later and got different antibiotics. After taking all of them, my throat still is no better. Both of my tonsils are inflamed. The one has a little bit of white pus on it and the other one has some red lines on it (not sure what it is.) Could this be tonsillitis?

Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query.Well, this could very well be tonsillitis. And since you have pus on the tonsil and some red lines, it is better to follow the norms.Get an opinion of an ENT Surgeon.Get the swab done from the infected tonsil for gram staining, culture and sensitivity.Tests of blood for CBC.You will again be started on an appropriate antibiotic and anti-inflammatory medicines and change over as per the reports if required.CT scan of the sinuses, X-ray chest and such investigations to see if there is a primary focus of infection and get treated efficiently.This way you can get a cure as you are having a recurrent problems.I hope this answer helps you