I had sudden flashing lights today for about 20 minutes,

Patient: I had sudden flashing lights today for about 20 minutes, on the right sides of both eyes, I guess auras. Followed by a mild headache. Since then flashing lights went away completely, headache is lingering a little. I’m 24 weeks pregnant. My doctors office is closed and so is hospital nurse hotline. I feel fine otherwise. Do I need to call ER? Or can I wait until the morning to call my OB?

Doctor: Welcome to Ask The Doctor. We are here to help you on this forum.I have read your query in detail, and I understand your concern.Your description fits into Migraine Headache. Migraine headaches occur usually on one side of head and have severe throbbing sensation associated. They can be accompanied with vomitings, photophobia and phonophobia.Since you are pregnant, so a Neurological Examination, fundus examination are must to rule out any other Neurological problem.If required your doctor will also post you for CT Scan/MRI Brain.If you have severe headache, you may just take Paracetamol for that purpose.Get well soon.I hope it helps.Stay Healthy