I had to have an abortion back in December 2014,I

Patient: I had to have an abortion back in December 2014,I have been bleeding since. There has been a day here an there where I don’t but it is constant over then that, sometimes heavy sometimes light. I have recently been told I’m anaemic and taken some medicine ut I believe I’m getting more an more bad symptoms of something but I’m not sure what the symptoms are things such as:Weight loss lost a stoneNose bleedsRashesShortness of breathDizzynessPins and needlesDepressionHair loss dry brittle hairHeadachesFeel sick random heavingNot thinking straightThirstMuscle acheLoss of appetiteOff balance when walkingSweatingBags under my eyesHard to remember thingsItchy boobs back bellyLow sex driveBack achePain in stomachSlight sting when urinatingDiarrhoeaNo energyKeep going into day dreams my own world can’t focusAnd ofcourse I’m still bleeding with this,sometimes clots.Please could you give me some answers thankyouMiss Thompson