I had tubal 10 years ago

Patient: I had a tubal 10 years ago, i’ve been sexually active. I’ve had all my cycles may be a few days late but normally on time. But my last one a week after it was done I bled for one day. I feel nauseated and sometimes to get sick, and I feel little bubbles moving around in my tummy. I’ve took two pregnancy test within the last two months both, negative. Could I be pregnant? And at what stage of pregnancy to symptoms usually start occurring?

Symptoms: Nauseated vomiting tired

Doctor: Thank you for your queryYour query is not very clear. Taking that you had got tubal ligation done 10 years ago, the chances of conceiving after tubal ligation are almost meek. But one cannot totally eliminate the chances. In very rare occasions tubal ligation can fail that too after a gap of 10 years, it depends on the method used for the ligation. There is no particular stage at which the symptoms for pregnancy start, usually after implantation takes place there is a release of hormones in the body in preparation for the embryonic development which cause symptoms of pregnancy early on so they could be as early as 3rd to 4th week of pregnancy. The symptoms are also not the same for everyone, they generally vary from person to person.Hope that answers your query. Have a good day.