I had type A flu back in December Yesterday, I

Patient: I had type A flu back in December. Yesterday, I started feeling the familiar aches, fatigue, and extreme chills. I never ran a fever yesterday despite the chills. This morning I am running a fever of 100.2 even after taking ibuprofen. I know that’s not high, but the rest of my symptoms are exactly the same. Could I get the flu again in the same season? Should I go to urgent care for Tamiflu?

Doctor: Hi. Thank you for writing to ATD.Yes, you can get a flu again even if it’s in the same season. The virus that causes flu keeps on mutating and modifying itself. It is thus better for you to talk to a Doctor if you need Tamiflu.Also, a viral fever takes about 7 days to get completely fine. And in the future, use Paracetamol compared to Ibuprofen. Ibuprofen is more specific for pain whereas Paracetamol is more specific for fever.I hope this helps you. All the best.